Why be a Member?

Don't be fooled by misleading comments from "other" salons. At Sun HQ  you don't NEED to be a member.  Membership is an option and is beneficial for the regular tanner. Alternatively you can always purchase minutes, single sessions or unlimited 30 days.

Sun HQ  

Members can truly relax and unwind because they never need to worry about running out of minutes again!

When you become a member, low monthly payments are withdrawn directly from your bank account or credit card. It's like a gym membership but for tanning!

Members choose their level depending on the bed they use most.

Members can also upgrade sessions for a small fee.

For example:

A Level 1 member decides they want to use a bed that is in Level 2 or level 3 for one session, they would simply pay a $5 or $ 7 upgrade fee.

New members receive a FREE lotion gift bag valued at approximately $80.

Please note there is a $49 admin fee & a minimum 4 month commitment on memberships. 

Memberships start at only $29/month

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*$49 admin fee applies, minimum 4 month commitment, Taxes extra