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KBL 7900

First KBL 7900 in Canada!

For the elite advanced tanner, this 10 minute bed will change your tanning experience. Let's begin by acknowledging the breathtaking beauty of this piece but it's not just pretty lights. From the second you enter the room your experience begins with chromotherapy, coloured lights that improve or enhance your physical or emotional well-being as you prepare for your session.  Then choose from Basic, Mediterranean or Caribbean colour options. Integrated red light therapy on your face, chest and body, among other things, will help improve elasticity of collagen fibres in your skin and help reduce cellulite. Full air conditioning to keep you cool and a fine aqua cool mist that gently cools you to perfection. Voice guided prompts will guide you through your options while a gentle aroma fills the air. Let the internal soothing sounds take you away and immerse you in a world of serenity. Say goodbye to ordinary and hello to a whole new world.

Silver Bullet SE

The Silver Bullet SE has 3 600w Facial lamps, 26 160w lamps in canopy, 18 160w lamps in Lounge, 2 250w Shoulder/Neck Tanners. The facials are dimmable (3 intensities), it has a flat bench acrylic for more comfort & built in air conditioning.

Sunboard XTT

(Courtice location only)

The Sunboard is our high pressure bed and should be used in conjunction with any other bed. We recommend using the Sunboard every 3rd to 4th session to boost your color. High pressure beds produce UVA which darkens your existing melanin 

Super 4

This 46 lamp Royal Sun Turbo has 4 facials. This bed has tons of room and provides a deeper darker tan. We also recommend this bed to clients that use the stand up on a regular basis. This bed will darken your legs better than the stand up will.

Tip ~ Remember to change positions occasionally to avoid pressure points on your tail bone & shoulder blades

Super 3

If you prefer to stand up then this ones for you. We also recommend this booth to those that use the lay down beds. It's a good idea to use the stand up every 3rd or 4th sessions to eliminate the "Bunny Tail" (caused by pressure points when using a lay down bed) and also to tan your under arms and sides better. This booth surround you with light and tans you from every angle.

Super 2

This 38 lamp Royal Sun is basically the Super 1's Big Brother. The 6 extra lamps are found in the canopy  along with 2 facials. This allows for a domed shaped canopy giving the tanner more room and comfort. The facial lamps can be turned off if you choose but will always come on by default. 

Tip ~ Sit on the edge of the bed with your feet on the floor for the first or last minute of your session to tan common white spots caused by pressure points (tail bone & shoulder blades)

Infrared Cocoon Wellness Pod


A luxurious, full body, dual heat/infrared, vibration massage system ergonomically situated within a pod of thermal active energy creates a revitalizing, rejuvenating and relaxing experience for the mind, body, and spirit.

Good things come to those who sweat!


- Body detoxification

- Weight management

- Promotes relaxation & Stress management

- Dual heat system- infrared & dry heat

- Near, mid, and far infrared inside the capsule

- Cooling facial air system with pure Himalayan Ionic Crystal Salt

- Serene chromotherapy mood lights

- Easy access hand ports for convenient controls during a session

- Adjustable temperature (up to 192℉), & massage intensity


The Cocoon Wellness pod also features a state-of the art color touch screen. The user friendly Cocoon software includes preset Cocoon programs which can also be customized to you liking:

- Relax

- Wellness

- Power Nap

- Fitness

- Weight Management

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