Introducing the Cocoon Wellness Pod

Relax in a personal infrared Cocoon and enjoy the countless benefits of infrared light. Regular Cocoon sessions will help with weight management and body detoxification, helps reduce cellulite, reduces aches & pains, helps with sore muscles and joint pain, improves sleep and flexibility. Infrared light also helps reduce blood pressure and improve blood circulation, helps boost your immune system and suppresses sun burnt cells. Or use the Cocoon simply to de-stress and unwind. There are a few preset options to choose from however everything is customizable during your session. Take charge of your relaxation, turn the heat up or down, enjoy a vibration massage with cool Himalayan salt air gently blowing over your face. Want to increase your heart rate and sweat even more? Use the built in resistance bands.

Infrared Cocoon Wellness Pod


A luxurious, full body, dual heat/infrared, vibration massage system ergonomically situated within a pod of thermal active energy creates a revitalizing, rejuvenating and relaxing experience for the mind, body, and spirit.

Good things come to those who sweat!


- Body detoxification

- Weight management

- Promotes relaxation & Stress management

- Dual heat system- infrared & dry heat

- Near, mid, and far infrared inside the capsule

- Cooling facial air system with pure Himalayan Ionic Crystal Salt

- Serene chromotherapy mood lights

- Easy access hand ports for convenient controls during a session

- Adjustable temperature (up to 192℉), & massage intensity


The Cocoon Wellness pod also features a state-of the art color touch screen. The user friendly Cocoon software includes preset Cocoon programs which can also be customized to you liking:

- Relax

- Wellness

- Power Nap

- Fitness

- Weight Management

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Infrared Cocoon Pod Prices

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Single Session


30 minute session




Per Month

Regular $129

30 minute sessions


One Month


Can be used every other day for 30 days

30 minute sessions


Cocoon use is limited to every other day. A maximum of 3 Cocoon appointments can be booked at one time. $49 admin fee and a minimum 4 month commitment applies to the Cocoon membership. Taxes extra.